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• DO only call during designated hours (listed at left)
• DO be polite and courteous.
• DO stay on topic unless guided otherwise.
• DO keep appointment times if you're a guest.
• DO write notes on questions or comments before calling.
• DO stay focused during on-air conversation.
• DO confine your questions to a 2 minute time limit.
• DO be ready to join the conversation at short notice.
• DO keep your questions and answers as brief as possible.
• DO remember words like "Please" & "Thank you."
• DO give source credits when appropriate.
• DO share the city & state or country your calling from.
• DO respect local traditions & customs when calling.

• DON'T be rude!
• DON'T use profanity!
• DON'T discuss politics or religion!
• DON'T be overly controversial!
• DON'T waiver in your opinion!
• DON'T "plug" any products or services unless asked!
• DON'T give our personal info, i.e. phone #s, address, etc.!
• DON'T be upset if you get cutoff or disconnected!
• DON'T discredit or belittle guests or callers!
• DON'T be upset if we run out of time for your call!