Show Synopsis: Presenter Dustin Alexander-Pérez discusses the world's latest health crisis the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). During the reading of just some of the names of well-known people we've lost to the mystery disease, Dusty gets teary-eyed as he reads the name of a Metro News Network colleague and friend who passed away in New York City. The broadcast then features a telephone interview with Metro News Writer Jay Clarke who calls in from his home studio in Chicago, Illinois, USA. After a break, Metro News Network Political Editor Eric Crossley joins Dusty via satellite from Washington, DC. Eric gives grim statistics on the toll COVID-19 is taking across America. The show is only available in part at the moment as we are waiting on legal paperwork to clear for our interview with an Illinois school teacher who has granted us an interview. We'll bring that part of the show to you as soon as possible.

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