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On-Air & Call-In Guest Terms of Service

Welcome! We're glad you're reading this information because it indicates you may be either an on-air, in studio or call-in guest to one of our programs We have a few simple requests as well as suggestions that will ensure you and we have the best experience together possible. The rules that are absolutely mandatory and have no “wiggle room” are marked with an asterisk (*). The guidelines are as follows:

 • *Limit profanity. We have two versions of the show; one airs on public radio stations worldwide and a “raw” copy is made available on various websites. We are bound by federal regulations in the United States and policies set forth in the United Kingdom. The FCC and OfCom don't allow certain words or phrases to be used during a rebroadcast of a show and we know that intelligent people like you don't need to resort to cussing in order to get your point across to listeners and viewers.

• *Don't be mean or destructive. Using racial slurs or degrading and demeaning another persons character won't be tolerated. If you have a problem with anyone on the show, please either be polite or don't participate and say something regretful. Bullying, berating, bashing, etc. is unnecessary. If you find that there may be a problem with another guest or particular on-air host or personality to be on the show at the same time you are scheduled, we will be happy to reschedule either you or them.

• Do not speak about anything you don't know about or can't verify. For example, if you're discussing a recent news event, be sure you have all of the facts. If we broadcast comments about people or places that are false, we could face legal consequences. Gossiping and  spreading rumors isn't permitted.

• Be prepared for your appearance or time on our program. If you are scheduled to be televised, please consider the following tips:
     1. Arrive ahead of time so you can relax and get your thoughts and notes together.
     2. Dress sensibly and appropriately.
     3. Let the producer know in advance if you require any special accommodations.
     4. Do not have any mobile devices on during your interview. Beside the obvious distraction potential, the radio frequency can interfere with our equipment.
     5. Be in a quiet room with no other people and no interruptions. The best rooms to interview in have carpeting and draped windows.
     6. Whatever phone device used, please disable call waiting and notifications.
     7. Disable other sounds from computers and devices until finished.
     8. Please be patient. Segments may take more time than expected.
     9. Be flexible. We usually get to scheduled interviews before callers. However, things may change depending upon breaking news or alerts that need to be aired immediately. It is rare, but rescheduling is possible in some situations.
    10. Have a bottle of water nearby, but don't eat food or drink carbonated drinks when on the air.

• Remember that everything you say will become a permanent recording and while we closely  guard all audio and video contents, there is no guarantee that other people aren't recording segments of our shows as they are produced. What you say will be a matter of record so think wisely about how you phrase delicate subjects and who comments might be directed toward.

• * With all video and audio being recorded at all times even when we are not on the air, any segment, but primarily only recordings intended for the show can be used in any professional manner the producers of the show choose. You waive your rights to any video images or stills and audio recordings that are taken of you during your time engaging conversation with our program. Your image and voice might be used in future promotions for the show indefinitely and universally. However, we are not responsible for any translations into any other language than English that may contain your image or voice within language edited re-programming.

• Unless by special arrangement or circumstances requiring payment or funding for your appearance, you understand that typically guests and callers to our shows are not compensated or paid to make an appearance on a show or segment. Our show is sold into syndication, but at a minimal price that barely pays distribution costs. With no profit being made from our show recordings, we aren't financially solvent enough to pay for appearances. Furthermore, doing so
would pose a conflict of interest.

• 98% of our programs are per-recorded. Therefore, take your time and relax knowing that while the final recording of your segment will be edited for time and then content if necessary, if you are scheduled for a twelve minute segment and speak for 20 minutes, that's okay.

• Please stay on topic. Have an outline of what you'd like to present on the show whether you are a studio or call-in guest.

• Call-in guests are limited to two questions if that episode guide permits.

• Only one call per person. Do not pass the phone to someone else who may want to speak. We will disconnect the call as callers are per-screened before the call is sent to the studio.

• * Do NOT give out any personal information about yourself or exact location or phone number you are calling from when on the air. Call-in guests are not required to use their real names and can make up a city, state and country if they feel safer doing so.

• While we all love a good laugh, please refrain from prank calling us. We get into fairly serious subjects and just don't need the hassle.

• Do NOT corner another guest with accusations or reprimands. This isn't the forum for that. If you are accusing someone of something, take them to court instead.

• You aren't able to block your caller ID from our system so don't waste your time. If you are a genuine caller, you won't mind us having your phone number. Any calls that do slip through the system that are unidentifiable will be disconnected.

• You have our solemn word that we will NEVER sell any of your information to anyone.

• If required by statute or law of your city, county, state, country or court order, compliance and  assistance to law enforcement officials is our responsibility and duty. We don't typically report matters to the police, but also if our producers feel there is a medical emergency or life threatening situation a caller or guest is facing, the decision to have professional intervention may be necessary.

• By written request, you may have copies of your appearance on our show including recordings of call-ins to us. A transcript of every show is available as well, but we don't send partial transcripts only entire transcripts.

• You will not be charged to call us unless you are calling from a long-distance to direct line to our studio or using one of our international phone numbers. Our toll-free 888 numbers are at no charge unless your phone service provider applies any fees to such calls which isn't a legal practice.

• Our toll-free 888 phone numbers can only be used from the United States and Canada. All other callers must direct dial and accept any long-distance charges and carrier fees that may apply.
Our show does not reimburse callers for any of these particular fees or tariffs.

• We will send verification of appearance on our show only if you are a primary guest. Callers during Call-In segments are not eligible for a letter to employer, school or other.

• If you are calling our show when we are actually broadcasting live, please turn off the radio or device you are listening to us on when you call. There is usually a one-minute delay and it will cause confusion.

• Do NOT use the speaker feature when calling in or if you are a primary phoner guest. Please use the mouth piece on your phone directly so we can avoid echo or interference.

• Speak clearly and directly into your microphone or telephone mouth piece. Speak at a normal pace, but not rushed or mumbled.

• Pause after you have been asked a question or heard a comment, then feel free to speak. We will do the same to make sure there is enough space to edit and so that your entire comment is heard.

• * Do not interrupt anyone. Wait until they are finished speaking and don't step on them meaning you talk over them for any reason that is purposeful or accidental.

• Please don't use slang, acronyms or initialisms when speaking. It's unprofessional and annoying.

• * NO name calling or criticizing or laughing at someone because they have said or done something differently than you would or because they favor an opinion you don't support.

• Don't expose other people's information including their real name or anything that might clearly identify a person who is on our show.

• Be yourself and enjoy the experience. If you're uncomfortable, maybe call another time.